Dalyan Hotel Nişh
    12 ISLAND SAILING (Super Luxury Gulet)
    1. Economic price.
    2. Friendly service.
    3.  A day full of entertainment .
    4. Transfe with our air condituened vehicle.
    5. Guidance service.
    6. Beauty of aegean island.
    7. A deep sea aquarium like.
    8. One day blue cruise experience.
    9. Meeting with undervater creatures.
    10. Super luxury yacht journey.
    11. Luxury sailing in our yacht.
    12. Meeting with nature.
    13. Taste of Aegean cuisine.
    14. All kind of drinks are available on the boat.
    15. Nice memories to share with friends.
    16. Sunbath crable for every guest.
    17. Return transfer and a happy farewell.


                We are offering a second alternative for  Göcek Dodecanese  one day tour program that we strongly recommend them to join to our local and foreign guests preferring Dalyan for their holiday. Göcek is one of the indispensable cruise and accommodation points in yachting sector of both Turkey and the World. Göcek who really deserves this fame will also mesmerize you with the islands, unique bays and beaches, lush  and peaceful nature, clean air, with its sea and warm sun that you will see in the tour program. In fact, there are 17 island on this tour route on  this tour which is made in Fethiye Gulf. The name “Dodecanese” (12 Islands) has been given to the area consisting Yassıca Islands, Hamam Bay, Kurşunlu Bay, Yavansu Bedi Rahmi Bay, Tersane Island, Göbün Bay, Boynuzbük, Göcek Island, Domuz Island, Zeytin Island and Kızıl Island.

              Dodecanese (12 Islands) Tour has been mad effort long years, and the mutual complaint of our guests participated in this tour is; “High number of customers and inadequate technical requirements”. In accordance with these complaints, Kardak Tourism included our 25 meters long super luxury yacht named Mr. Kardak in this tour organization. Mister Kardak is our company’s own yacht. We service to customers choosing us with our own yacht and own staff.

             We pick our guests participating in our Dodecanese tour program from their accommodation points between 09:00am / 09:15am in company with our tour guide.  After all the guest take their seats in our vehicle, we have a 30 mins travel time to get the double deck 25 meters long Super Luxury yacht named Mr. Kardak  waiting for you in Göcek Marina. When our guests take their seats in the yacht, our tour guide give information about Tour Program and Safety instructions and then the tour begins. It is time to unmoor and say Bismillah.

               We start the day with tea service after departure from Göcek Port. . Our first stop will be  Bedri Rahmi Bay that we arrive  approximately 45 minutes of cruising. Mr. Kardak mooring at Bedri Rahmi Bay  is ready to meet you with the blue waters of Aegean Sea. If you are ready too, it is time to swim.  For our guests who want to enjoy the sun, tanning, you  are free to sunbathe on  your sunbathing cushions. You have 1 hour to spend by swimming in this beautiful bay blue waters.  Adrenalin junkies, the ramp of the yacht is waiting for you to jump.  

              It is time to move to the Aquarium Bay, which will be our next stop without knowing how the time has passed. It is time to weigh the anchor from this beautiful bay. You will take shower after swimming and you will be sipping your drinks while enjoying the sun on the deck. While heading smoothly towards Aquarium Bay. Photographs will be taken while Aegean wind is blowing your hair. After a journey of approximately 40 minutes, you will arrive at another bay named Aquarium Bay.  Islands’ beauty is an exception and the nature’s is an. You will understand before our luxury yacht has not yet anchored that the aquarium is named for its bright, clear water that you can see its bottom. You guys throw yourself into the crystal clear sea; you will hear the bell after an hour calling you for lunch. You can eat fish or chicken, or both. As you wish. Bon Appétit

              Enjoy this beautiful day, it is time to sail through our next stop, Yassıcalar Island. While Mr. Kardak sailing smoothly in Aegean waters like a bride, you can’t take yourself from being amazed of how this huge yacht is drifted like a leaf in front of the wind?

              We will be in Yassıcalar Island approximately in 1,5 hour. If you missed walking on the ground, you can have a trip. We will be here, in our last stop for 45 minutes. Swim, sunbathe, or do whatever you would like to. It’s your day.

             Our journey from Yassıcalar Island to Göcek Port will take approximately 30 minutes. And another 30 minutes from there to Dalyan. Here is the end of the day. You will return to your accommodation as you have experienced one of your best activities, your body and  soul rested some more, and relieved the tiredness of a year.

             Our request from guests: Please share your pleasure with your friends. Social media and real friends are waiting to see your photos and hear about your memories in order to live the same experience as you did starting from Dalyan with our contribution as Kardak Tourism, don’t forget it. With 32 years of experience, our company has been providing service for adding unforgettable moments to your holiday, providing 20 different tour services except 12 Islands (Sailing Yacht Tour) program. We would like to meet again in another Kardak Tourism tour. Best regards.

    Departure Time :09:30

    Duration : App 10 Hours

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