Dalyan Hotel Nişh
    1. Economic priece.
    2. Friendly service.
    3. A day full of entertainment.
    4. Nine hours to go inside with nature
    5. Guidance service.
    6. Boat trip in the sea and in the river.
    7. All kinds of bevarege pleasure on our boats all day long
    8. You can take many pictures and selfie on the Rock tombs, reeds, Ekincik bay and caves .
    9. You can see caretta sea turtels.
    10. Sailing blue voyage experience in the direction of Ekincik bay and caves.
    11. Tastes of Aegean cuisine.
    12. Peasure of swimming in the cool water of the Aegean sea.
    13. Underwater exploration with snorkel sets.
    14. Return transfer and a happy farewell.


             We, as Kardak Tourism are bringing something new with the beginning of 2018 Tourism season. Ekincik and Caves Tour  is carried out with 12 meters long boats which are named as infantry in maritime literature departing from Dalyan pier. Our Company carries out this tour with 25 meters long Gullet type sailing boat which is an inseparable part of  blue journeys  to move our quality one step further, to make it a comfortable and to make your memories unforgettable. Because until 2018 Tourism season, on the return way of Ekincik and Caves Tour, our customers complaint about  the small size of the boats, high number of guests and inadequate number of  sunbathing cushions and free places. Our Mr. Kardak named yacht is a Bodrum Gullet with 7 cabins and complete double pole sailing equipment. Changing rooms and toilets are planned separately for males and females in our Mr. Kardak 02 named yacht.  

            We pick our guests from their accommodation points between 09:00am / 09:15am upon your request and drive to the transfer boat waiting at Dalyan pier.   After our the guests participating in this Ekincik and Caves Tour take their seats in the transfer boat, the tour begins. In 45 minutes boat ride in company with natural life and lagoons through twisted reed field, and Rock Toms which has become a symbol of Dalyan, we will bring you to Mr. Kardak named Gullet anchored at Delik Island which is opposite the İztuzu Beach. We have prepared sunbathing cushions special for every customer on the deck of the sailing yacht. If you wish, you can continue this tour under the shady spots. The first stop of our yacht, which will move from at about 10:15, is the Cave region. Mr. Kardak 02, anchored in the caves, is ready to meet you with caves on the surface and under water. Snorkel equipments are waiting for you for your discoveries. While leaving yourself to the cool waters of the Aegean to explore the caverns you will be accompanied by the green ambiance of the slopes of pine and olive trees. Enjoy the nature and sea while discovering the caves and underwater world.

            While going through  My Marina Bay, Ekincik Bay, Karaçay Bay, Semisçe Bay route After Mr. Kardak 02 anchored from caves, blue waters of crystal clear waters, beauty of deep green nature will please your eyes, warm Aegean sun  will please your skin and warm winds will please your hair and soul greatly. Another swimming break will be waiting for you when we reach Kızılburun Bay which is our second stop. Ekincik Bays, which are popular for blue voyages between Fethiye and Marmaris, are natural ports which is popular for blue cruise boats  and located among  accommodation places. while you are still swimming we will start our lunch service decorated with Aegean cuisine. Your lunch starters include  8 various cold appetizers and salads Chicken and fish options that will be served hot are also ready. You can et chicken or fish or both. As you wish. Bon appetite.

            After eating our lunch, now it is time to sail to Bozburun Bay which is our third stop. Now you will experience the Blue Voyage adventure of Aegean and Mediterranean Seas with sailing boat. When our yacht set sail to Bozburun Bay, our yacht will head its way like a bride running in deep blue waters while drabbling its hem in  warm and peaceful breeze of Aegean Sea.  An endless silence, sipped drinks, and tiredness left behind like water drops. That is  what we call a holiday.

             After the last swim break at our third stop, it's time to return. How quick the thas passed. While Mr. Kardak 02  rides through Delik Island which is our beginning point, its beauty is different to commit this day full of  Blue Voyage, nature, sea, sun experiences to our memories and cameras. It is time to transfer you to our service boats that will ride you to Dalyan and then drive to your accommodations.

    Our request from the guests: Please share your pleasure with your friends. Social media and real friends are waiting to see your photos and hear about your memories in order to live the same experience as you did starting from Dalyan with our contribution as Kardak Tourism, don’t forget it. With 32 years of experience, our company has been providing service for adding unforgettable moments to your holiday, providing 20 different tour services except Ekincik and Caves  Tour program. We would like to meet you again in another Kardak Tourism tour. Best regards

    Departure Time :10:00 am

    Duration : App 9 Hours

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