Dalyan Hotel Nişh
    1. Economic price.
    2. Friendly service.
    3. Transfer from hostel.
    4. A day full of fun, adrenaline and adventure.
    5. Guidance service.
    6. Off road dexperience.
    7. Discovery of naturel beautes.
    8. Watch the nature life on the way.
    9. A wet day filled with water batles.
    10. Vievs of Köyceğiz lake, Yuvarlakçay and Radar hill.
    11. The same day the chance of swimming in the lake, in the river and in the sea.
    12. Great landscape photographs to be taken.
    13. Good memories to share with friends.
    14. Return transfer and a happy farewell.


             One of our tour programs that we recommend to join to our local and foreign guests choosing Dalyan for holiday is Jeep Safari Tour. If you want to spend a day full of adrenalin and discover the natural beauties of your chosen destination for your holiday, this tour is just for you.

             For Jeep Safari Tour which will start at 09:00 in the morning, we  will pick you from your accommodation points in Dalyan upon your request and a day full of adventure will begin. Our first stop after departing from Dalyan will be Sığla Forests comprised of rare Sığla trees. We would like to inform you  that Sığla trees and Sığla oil obtained from these forests are very important raw material for health and cosmetic industry. You will be amazed with the cool weather created and the fascinating smell released by Sığla forest in this hot summer days. You will not be able to leave this pleasant smelling forest.

             After Sığla Forest trip we will head to Off Road Jeep field full of adventures. We will arrive at Mantık Headland located in the coast of Köyceğiz Lake following a route going through ice-cool and clean waters. Fascinating lanscape and cool waters of Köyceğiz Lake is waiting for you. Throw yourself to these waters and swim to the full.

             Let's take our seats in the jeep, because we have a long way to go,  many places  to see and many adventures to live. Now our destination is Yuvarlakçay waiting for us as hidden among the mountains and a lunch full of Aegean cuisine. Water Wars along the way will be another excitement for you.

             After lunch, our next stop will be the point where Yuvarlakçay leaves the ice cool waters of underground and rises to surface. We will cross mountains and peaks through pine trees while breathing clean air. In the spring of Yuvarlakçay you will be welcomed with cold waters coming from underground which people of this region call it as "Watermelon Cracking" . We invite our guests to swim who are not afraid of swimming in cold water. The name of water wars has changed here, we call is as " cold water wars".

             It is time to leave this beautiful cold water, our next destination is deep blue, crystal clear sea. The jeeps will drive either  to Aşı or to Kargacık Bays Get  ready to meet with the blue waters. You can't get the oppoortunity of swimming in a sea after swimming both in a lake and cold waters in every holiday region. Enjoy it.

             After this sea swimming break , the jeeps will drive you to one of the highest peaks there to bring you together with unique Danlyan ladscapes. From this watching point you can see Dalyan, Dalyan Canal, İztuzu Beach, Rodos Island and Köyceğiz Lake at the same landscape. Be sure that this unique landscape will be unforgettable with the photos and your memories.

             You will feel a little upset when it is time to go, it is not easy to leave this scene behind. After the tour, the jeeps will drive you to your accommodations as in the morning. We will end this beautiful day and say goodbye.

    Our request from the guests: Please share your pleasure with your friends. Social media and real friends are waiting to see your photos and hear about your memories in order to live the same experience as you did starting from Dalyan with our contribution as Kardak Tourism, don’t forget it. With 32 years of experience, our company has been providing service for adding unforgettable moments to your holiday, providing 20 different tour services except Jeep Tour program. We would like to meet you again in another Kardak Tourism tour. Best regards

    Departure Time :09:00 am

    Duration : App 9 Hours

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